My Journal - Week 28 (27Feb10)

The end of yet another pooping strike....

(More details for my journal)  Okay, this nine day pooping strike ended today with a poopy.  I can't stand that this poor baby is having only occasional bowel movements.  The weird thing is, since I have been giving him organics and water, he certainly hasn't been uncomfortable like he used to be.  It's just that his bowels are slow....  This is definitely a result of hypotonia (low muscle tone) which is affecting his intestines, colon and rectal muscles.  As he gets older I am told I can give him some Lactulose a liquid suspension that will help any constipation or slow bowels.  I am told by the pharmacist that Hunter is a little too young for it now though.  Lactulose is similar to an American product called Miralax, which currently is not really available in Canada.  We can get it here, but it isn't approved by our FDA in Canada.  I am going to keep up with the water and organics for now.

Tooth update:  It's sharp and pointy.  Yep, some babies with Ds have sharp pointy teeth, (a strange phenomenon) for their first set of teeth.  It only feels this way right now, maybe it's just the way it's coming in.  Not too sure yet, but when the rest of the tooth comes out a bit more, I will let you all know if it remained pointy.


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