My Journal - Week 25 (10Feb10)

Is it working?

Yesterday Hunter had an unscheduled visit from one of our superheros E.I. consultant, Jenn.  We had some discussions about Hunter's recent eating dilema.  It seems that every time Hunter has something solid to eat, within an hour he is crying from some sort of pain.  At first, we thought it was gas pains, since Hunter refuses to burp after any meal.  We gave him baby Ovol (a gas reliever) and we tried the gripe water repeatedly.  Relief was insight but it was only temporary.
I was about to give up the solids for a while, but Jenn reminded me of something that made me specifically start Hunter on solids at 5 months of age.  After speaking with our family doctor, we learned that the new standards made by the Canadian Pedeatric Association suggest not starting a baby on solids until after 6 months of age in order to avoid food allergies.  However, our doctor told us: because of this, many parents are discovering that later on, their baby wont eat or are having food aversions.  Jenn also confirmed this.  I knew about this problem from my own reading and research and so I took my doctors advice and decided to start when I felt Hunter was ready.  My doctor told me that he always believed the adage:  Mom's know best.  Unfortunately, despite my attempts to steer Hunter away from any possiblity of future food aversions, he is having some sort of reaction or difficulty with baby food.  It would seem that no matter what I fed him, he would have pain of some sort.  I went back to the internet to see if I could find anything on the subject, and many mom's suggested going back to exclusive breast or bottle feeding.  This might stop the problem, but it would only create another.  I needed another answer.  Jenn to the rescue.  "Try organic first" she suggested.  I went out immediately after and bought a variety of organic baby foods, and a box of Oatmeal cereal (as suggested by Jenn and the Internet) instead of rice cereal.
Armed with the new baby food, I tested it out on Hunter at 8 pm and I waited for the worst.  9 pm came, and bath time was a breeze (except for the fact that I now get my own personal shower during the event....).  Bed time came and Hunter fell asleep without complaint.  Could this be possible?  Hunter needed Organic food?  I am hoping that I am not jinxing my experience and that tonight will be a repeat performance. I will report back if there are any changes.


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