My Journal - Week 26 (17Feb10)

A near disaster....

This might be TMI (too much info) for some, so early in the morning - but these are my journals and I feel the need to report - for memory sake.

5:26 am. Hunter begins to call me. "Eh? ... Ehhhh!?" This is the usual, "Mom?" Mooooom!?" Meaning of course "Hey!" I need you - wake up!" So, I grab him out of the crib and think to myself, it's only 5:26 baby! Oh yeah, someone went to sleep at 9:30 pm last night. Figures. Only this time, when I start to feed him, he starts to fart, and fart, and fart! Then I catch a whiff. OMG (Oh My God), you are eating and pooping? At the same time??! But, instinct also kicks in, and somehow by the smell I can already tell, it's going to be an explosive poop, the kind that go up the back poop. "John! Wake up, I am going to need your help for this one" I say without hesitation. I literally grab five wipes (HA HA, not nearly enough...) and a new diaper and jump back into bed where Hunter is lying laughing at me. I unzip his sleep sack, (Yep, the smell has got me up now) and I unsnap his sleeper. Okay, without looking I just know what's coming next. "John, grab me the whole roll of paper towels..." This is THE worst poopy diaper I think I have ever seen. Yes, it's up his back, it's everywhere. Luckily it was all contained in his sleeper, but not for long if we didn't get a move on. John stumbled around in the dark, like a crazy man out of control while I was yelling for different things "need more wipes, need paper towel, need another sleeper" in various orders of course.
Anyway, after I stripped the baby, baby wiped him from head to toe (including an elbow - his, not mine) I was done, and John was downstairs washing Hunter's sleeper. Now that is a great Daddy. I didn't even have to ask - he just did it on auto pilot. I love John. Sorry, no pictures about this - use your imagination.
So now here is my new dilemma. What exactly do I tell the doctor today? I was all prepared to demand an ultrasound for Hunter's tummy to check for any possible issues like a blockage, but I know for sure (without a doubt) there is NO blockage... at least not any more. I suppose I will still ask, but it obviously wont be urgent any longer.
I just thought since my morning was so funny, I would share it with all of you. I was supposed to post later tonight about Hunter's six month check up. This was a necessary in between post. I will inform you later what his newest measurements are.


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