My Journal - Week 24 (04Feb10)

What happens when....

This is what happens when you allow an excitable, jumping baby to go all out....

I don't even think there is anything you can say as a caption under these pictures!

We had put Hunter in the Jumperoo for his daily jumping routine, and during his bouncing episode I received a phone call.  Here he was busy jumping away making the Jumperoo sing to him and all of a sudden it got eerily quiet.  Two things run through your mind when this happens.  "What happened to the baby?" and/or "What is he doing?"  (I know in a few more months it might be, "Where did he go?" despite the fact the baby gates are up.)  I asked Daddy what happened to Hunter, and he started laughing.  The baby had fallen asleep in the Jumperoo.  Exactly how tired do you have to be to fall asleep in that thing?  After a couple of pictures, Daddy lifted him out and put him down to sleep - properly.  This was too cute not to post.


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