My Journal - Week 26 (17Feb10) Evening

An apple a day keeps the doctor away?

We just got in from a long day out at the doctor's for Hunter's six month check up. Phewph.
Details first: Hunter is now 15 lbs 11 ozs (no wonder my back is finished!) He is also 25 inches long (but according to our home tape measure he is 26 inches...) All I have to say about that is, whenever the nurse measures him, somehow he ends up shorter than the last visit (every visit). I will stick to using our measurements. His head circumference measures 16 3/4 inches.
Hunter had two vaccinations today, and those ECG leads on the wall do something powerful (for those of you who don't know what I am referring to, in one of my posts about Hunter's doctor visit, he had his needle and didn't cry because he was too busy paying attention to the ECG leads hanging on the wall.) there was no crying - only a yelp, then laughter. Crazy crazy (good) baby!
In addition, we decided to hold of on requesting the ultrasound, after discussing the recent pooping. We will keep a close watch on his bowels though.
So in a nutshell we have a mildly floppy baby, who is cognitively very smart!


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