My Journal - Week 26 (17Feb10)

A pleasant surprise.

Today we had a visit from E.I. Jenn. Hunter was supposed to have put on the performance of his life, but unfortunately he was hungry at the time and we didn't get very much accomplished. He did show off for Jenn by displaying how high he could raise himself on his tummy, and that he could grab and play with his toys. It's funny though, it is like owning a car that needs to go to the dealer for some noise, and when you get it there, the noise doesn't happen.... Kind of like Hunter. Normally he rolls around, grabs his toys, shakes his rattle and practically does all the wonderful things that I rave about on the site like clockwork. But when he was to demonstrate for Jenn, he got shy?? Cute. I wish I had shown Jenn how he loves to bounce in his Jumperoo, and how he grabs, moves and plays with the toys on the front of it. A video might have to suffice next time.
Jenn gave me a ton of printouts of all the exercises that Hunter can do to help his muscles. We definitely needed some of those sheets, since it looks like Hunter's neck is still kind of lagging a bit. Something really great though is that cognitively, he appears to be ahead. Despite not rolling around showing off physically during the appointment, Hunter talked up a storm saying "Mumma, Dadda, Babba, Ra-ra and La-la" Jenn tells me that this is wonderful. I am really proud of Hunter. Again, I have to say, there is no reason why Hunter shouldn't be talkative, just look at his parents!
Jenn also followed up on Hunter's eating issues. I was proud to report that we had some success. Eating has been going well for the last few days (organic baby food) and pooping finally happened.
As a result of some new recommendations from Jenn, Daddy and I promptly went out and bought Hunter a few things to help his muscles out. We bought him a ball to sit with, so that he can hold it and strengthen his core. We got a basket to sit him in to encourage his sitting, and again his core. I also bought him a sippy cup handle so that I could get Hunter to hold his own sippy cup, and guess what? Once I snapped it on, he held his own sippy cup, feeding himself. Wow, I think that is incredible.
I guess that in all we had a great day, but Hunter must have been tired out from all the showing off, and then because of some work I did with him after. He fell asleep tonight at 9:30 pm. I wonder what time he will be waking up?


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