My Journal - Week 25 (08Feb10)

I'd like to share something new with you.

I found a new book that is coming out sometime this year.  It's a book about Down syndrome in a perspective that I haven't heard of or seen before.  This Author, who does not have Ds himself, nor knew anyone personally with Ds (before writing), wrote this book.  He claims he wrote it simply because he felt that people with Ds are gifts from God.  I invite you to read the forward and not want to order this book for yourself (providing you are someone who wishes to read about Down syndrome).  I have already put myself on the pre-order list.  When you purchase the book, a $5.00 donation goes to a Down syndrome organization of your choosing.  (I was even able to select the Canadian Ds Association!)  Outstanding.

The title of this new book is called:  "I'm Down with You" Written by Jagatjoti Singh Khalsa - click on the title and enjoy the website for yourself.  I dare you not to want this book.

On a separate note, come and check out the new additions to my blog.  I have added some new menu items below the 'Welcome to Our House' banner.  All about me, Sandi's publications, and Sandi's Blogroll are the newest additions.  Remember also there is a "Guest Book" at the bottom of the Blog (or at the end of the new pages) please feel free to sign your comments or thoughts.  There is also a Comment form at the end of each new post, feel free to leave comments about each post.  We welcome your thoughts!



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