My Journal - Week 27 (25Feb10) (Evening)

I Spoke to soon.

Alright, I think I was ahead of myself a little when I said Hunter is not even bothered by his teething.  Not so fast Mommy... it really does hurt.  Today, Hunter burst into tears, that painful cry.  I knew immediately since nothing else was going on.  Must be his gums.  As soon as I massaged the sore spot, he settled down.  I promptly gave him infant Motrin and baby Anbesol (yes, I was prepared) and within five minutes, he was sound asleep - for 4 hours.  (Well, we did have a very early morning today as we were all up at six am for a doctor appointment scheduled at 8:00 am)  I decided to get the wet washcloth, tie it in a knot and freeze it in a Ziplock baggy (as per recommendation by Jenn our E.I. and the many books I had read.)  Here you can see a (more or less) content baby chewing on the frozen washcloth.  I decided that I will post a picture of the tooth again when he's a little less fussy and when it's more prominent for you to see in a photo.  We can see it, but the photo's don't do it justice.

[Ahhh, that feels good, but it's cold!]

 [Really Mom, you can stop taking the pictues]

[Boy have I got you guys trained!]

I am glad Motrin makes an infant suspension, because Motrin is an ibuprofen product which specifically reduces inflammation, and it lasts eight hours instead of only four. 
More to come....


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