My Journal - Week 26 (19Feb10)

Going, going, gone... almost.

I took some more pictures of Hunter's rosy cheeks, but it looks like it's going away.  This is what has me boggled.  It comes and then it goes - like a rash almost but in this case - there's no rash,  just a red looking set of cheeks!  In any case - his pictures are cute and it's always fun taking his photo.  He's such a ham!

            [Hi!]                               [I'm winking at you!] 

 [I can laugh too!]

[I know my finger is in my nose....]

[I am still laughing]

[Do you like my tongue?]
[Okay, really - I'm done with the pics....] 

[One last smile]

[Bye!  Hope you liked the pics!]
 Too cute, eh?


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