My Journal - Week 25 (07Feb10)

It was bound to happen....

Golden shower anyone?  Everyone knows that having a baby boy means changing a diaper is an Olympic event at the best of times.  You always have to be on the lookout for the ever so sneaky spraying pee-pee.  Now, I can tell you first hand, it's not as though I haven't been the victim of a shower in the past, but I have to say, Hunter has never peed in my face, until 10 minutes ago.  Yep, I have definitely been christened or rather baptized in this case.  I can't even laugh at myself, I should know better!  I always laugh at the new commercial for Huggies, where the new dad is at some party and he is attempting to change his son and the baby proceeds to 'fire hose' spray everything, from knocking down pictures to hitting the roof and he just lies there laughing and looking at his daddy.  Today, that was me and just like the commercial, there was Hunter laughing.  Ya, you laugh Ohhhh soooo funny, a mouthful of pee. 

I am warning you.  Never look directly down when changing your baby.  You never know when that thing is going to go off!

For those of you who haven't seen this, I dare you not to laugh.  Now, imagine me - Poor me.

Thank you for indulging me.  I am now going to shower and wash out my mouth (again).


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