My Journal - Week 27 (25Feb10)

A toothy update....

A day by day glimpse of the first (non disappearing) tooth.

Here you can see there is a tooth now emerging from the hole.  Also, you can see that the gums are kind of inflamed.  He's certainly still quite happy for a teething baby!  No painful crying episodes.  But he definitely likes to chomp on my fingers when they are in his mouth.  Gum massages do seem to make him additionally happy.

   [My mommy thinks I am asleep while she's taking this picture....]

[Ha, in a few days I will be able to really chomp on her finger when she tries this again!]

I think I now have a good reason to start to wean Hunter off the breast... I have come to the conclusion that while nursing was never ever painful for me before, it wont be long for that reality to change - fast.  I will see how the next little while goes before I make a decision.  (Hopefully Hunter will be nice!)


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