My Journal - Week 27 (21Feb10)

An on going debate.

A few days back I posted my opinion about an episode that was played on Family Guy.  The episode is about teenager Chris going on a date with a girl named Ellen who has Down syndrome.  While there are nice points to the episode, (the show allows viewers to realize that they are having a very regular date, Chris actually likes her and that she ends up being a typical teen girl) I find that the show undermines the attempt to portray normalcy with other things like the disturbing song that was sung called "Down syndrome Girl" (click on the title to see and hear the song) and the many stereotypes thrown into mix.  If you haven't seen the episode you can view it here (it is approx. 20 minutes):

Watch Family Guy Season 8 Episode 12 - Extra-Large Medium

However distressing we may find this, Andrea had a positive look on the whole thing, as seen here in this article written by the New York Times:  ‘Family Guy’ Voice Actor Says Palin ‘Does Not Have a Sense of Humor’

Here is the news clip from Associated Press ( only 1:04 minutes long):

In the end, I am not sure where this leaves us, only that we certainly can take a lesson from Andrea who is very adept in finding the humour in things.  It is one thing that she believes there is humour in the show, but for the rest - I am guessing many are having a good laugh at her expense.  I hope I am wrong.  How do you feel about it?  Please vote in Poll #7.


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