My Journal - Week 27 (20Feb10)

"Don't look a gift horse in the mouth...."

(A young horse is a more desirable gift than an old one.  A horse's teeth reveal its age.  The sense of the expression, therefore, is that if you receive a horse as a gift it is bad manners to look in its mouth to establish its value.)

I chose the above expression because I think it accurately defines this article I found today.  It is really a detailed article that I wish I had written myself.  The author of the article in the Globe & Mail, tells us why "There's no such thing as a perfect child".

I hope you read this article and digest it the way I did.  Enjoy.
There's no such thing as the perfect child.  (if the clicking on the title doesn't take you there, try copying and pasting the link in brackets below.)

Also - Just to keep you updated on my publication news, the Canadian Down Syndrome Society has just advised me they would like to promote my Analogy on their web site and will be doing so shortly.  Also, Exceptional Parent Magazine has advised they too will be publishing the story on their web site and they intend to launch it on World Down syndrome Awareness day (21 March) Appropriately dated for Trisomy 21 (Three of the twenty first chromosome). 

I'd like to personally thank the following organizations: DSAO, DSAT, CDSS and EP for publishing my work and my blog.  Because of them, I am able to educate people about Down syndrome.  (You can visit each of these by clicking directly on their names.)


  1. Great article Sandi. I can think of a few people that would benefit from some education...but they are old fashioned and stubborn in their perspectives. Anyway, I think it is easier for some people to accept unconditionally when it hits closer to home. i.e. when it is their child or grandchild.


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