My Journal - Week 27 (24Feb10)

Dancing for a dollar?

Since I have been busy posting other people's videos and newsclips, I thought it would be nice to post a video of Hunter (here you go Luella, because you asked.) entertaining himself in his Jumperoo.  Daddy and I thought it was kind of funny that Hunter has discovered how to "tap dance" instead of bounce.  The video is 2 minutes 10 seconds.  Just a short tid bit for you to watch.

Enjoy!  I am sure I will have many more to post, when I find some additional time to upload them.

Blog update:  I have added some additional "static" pages under my opening banner.  They are truly really nice references about Down syndrome from the Canadian Down syndrome Society.  If you haven't seen my new pages, I urge you to take a look.  When you click on the link, you must scroll down below the banner and "My Analogy" to read the material.  Sorry, I didn't choose that, and no, unfortunately I can not change it.


  1. So cute Sandi. Hunter is too adorable and quite a handsome boy and may I add he looks quite normal.

    Keep up the great work you win mother of the year in my opinion.



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