My Journal - Week 145 (04Jun12)


I took (sorry - let me rephrase this).  I take so many photographs on a daily basis, it's hard for me to keep up with my blogs (I have three).  I often forget to publish what I have taken over time - really it, (the reason for not publishing) comes from a lack of having the time.  BUT sometimes there are just those certain photos which, when I take them - I know immediately that I want to publish "those" photos right away... despite not having much content or the time to write an entire post to accompany those photos.

So, without having much else to say at this moment (3:45am) I wanted to post these few photos I have taken over this past week.  They were just too sweet/cute not to share with my Blogger fans & friends.

Kisses for the photographer B&W 03Jun2012
I love my Mommy SOOOO Much -  I give her kisses all the time.

Okay, clearly not ALL the time.

Hayleigh & Daddy 03Jun2012
Hayleigh loves tickles from Daddy!

Fill 'er up? 2012-05-29
I don't get it.  Mommy said that she was tired of pushing. 
She said if I wanted to go faster, I should get a better fuel source - so why is everyone looking at me so funny...?

Portrait of Hayleigh in Stroller 2012-05-29
Even Hayleigh gets "pushed" everywhere....!

Okay, I've changed my mind - it's always a good time to write.  Just so I can't say I haven't spent a little quality time blogging about Hunter's triumphs, I'll post a quick short note (ya right) about Hunter's speech.  We have just officially finished our first full block of six sessions for speech therapy through Grandview.  Wouldn't it just be ironic that on our final day, final session (one hour each) that Hunter made leaps and bounds during his session, talking up a storm today.  He hugged up to his Communicative Disorders Assistant therapist Krista (don't let me kid you, this child loves her much more than his official Grandview case therapist - Jessica) - every five minutes asking her for a hug.  His word use today was phenomenal.  Shake, Stop, Up, Down, Pull, Please, Open, Bye, More, Head... the list goes on. 

I haven't been keeping up to date writing about just how much this child has been talking and mimicking just about every word he hears.  I definitely blame (in part) his baby sister's new mimicking of vocabulary.  Which we anticipated would happen.  Though Hayleigh isn't really talking a whole lot just yet, Hunter is quick to make sure that he out does his sister by picking up the pace with his speech.

With that in mind, we have decided to work heavily on his cognitive skills and abilities, (the occupational side of things) so that we prepare him for school next year.  Did I say school and next year in the same sentence?  Yes, Hunter starts Junior Kindergarten in September of 2013.  That's next years school year.  My stomach just did a huge flip flop.  I don't even think I will need to hold him back a year - at this rate he's flying (his birthday is August so I originally thought I might hold him back so that he's not the youngest in his classes but... probably not.). 

So, Jenn (Hunter's EI) and I are working to put together several colour matching and various other skill set items for Hunter to work with.  Since his speech seems to have blossomed, we always keep things moving along so that his mind doesn't get lazy.  Hunter's usual fashion is to work heavily on one topic and then once mastered, move to the next.  So move on we shall do.  Picture matching, colour matcthing and other types of puzzles are what Jenn and I will be "GLUING" together tomorrow.  I plan to take photos of the different types of creative (AND CHEAP) ideas of learning tools.  I spent all evening running about the city purchasing (from Dollarrama and Walmart) the glue sticks and gun, the pom-poms and adhesive magnets, lamination machine and the rest so that we can power through making these occupational therapy home items to teach my stubborn little man how to excel with his super-ly active brain!

See you on the flip side... when I am anything but awake to create a colour button matching tray....


  1. As Hunter's heading to Kindergarten and turns your tummy imagine this scene; Our son sits on my bed listening to Spice Girls from his iPad and blurts out," I have tears rolling down my face. I'm getting old. We're all getting old. I'll be 40 in 2013 and it's coming soon! I don't know why I feel so melancholy."


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