My Journal - Week 24 (01Feb10)

Thank goodness for Aunties!

As you all know, yesterday Hunter was scalped.  And although it is finally starting to grow on me, (and I guess it better, I don't have any choice in the matter now) I worry that his head will be so cold compared to before with the mop of hair he used to have.  Conveniently, my Aunt made him a wonderful and quite appropriate gift and gave it to us yesterday.  What perfect timing!

[Grandma posing with Hunter in his new toque!]

Awww!  Doesn't he look sweet?  The hat is so soft and warm, now I don't have to worry about my little boy having a cold head.  Thank goodness for Aunties.  (Thank you Aunty Gem.)

On another note, aparently yesterday I also missed out on something pretty special.  The Grammy's was on T.V. and I found out that Jamie Foxx (Actor/Commedian/Singer & Songwriter) was on with his sister, who has Down syndrome.  I am told that she was signing and dancing (some R&B moves), and that it was also on YouTube, but when I went to look for it, I was sadly informed that the Grammy's have removed the clip due to Copyright.  Boooo!  So, I found a little clip taken last year of Jamie celebrating his sister's birthday.

Also, here is a link of Jamie Foxx talking to Oprah (on SIRIUS Satellite) about his sister and how "precious" she is to him.

And I was lucky enough to find an interview of Jamie Foxx and his sister Diondra after the Grammy's.  (I can't help the 30 sec. advertisement before the clip.... sorry.)

To me, this is truly inspiring.  A famous person letting the world know he too has Ds in his life.

Enjoy.   (You may have to view the videos from my blog page and not through the actual automatic email that some of you get.)


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