My Journal - Week 24 (04Feb10)

The R Word Again....

It still haunts me, and I am still advocating about it.
This time I will try to be short about it, although I plan for everyone I know to understand how important it is not to use this offensive word. 
I stumbled across another wonderful blog, which had this very topic (as many of us Ds moms do post about) on her site.  She had a link and also copied the entire contents of the link into her blog for people everywhere to read.  It is a really well articulated article, and I thought it would be a positive gesture of me to reproduce it here, in hopes that the message will someday be understood.  I personally would have loved to copy the entire contents of the article into my blog, but I fear some of you may flog me for continuously ranting.  This is however, a topic that should be ranted about, so without overdoing it, here is the link - please take the time to read it.  It is important to me, and a great many more.

The link is:
Faulkner Family

My commitment this year and (in future) is to try and change peoples apathetic and indifferent view about this negative word.

I know it's a strong message, so thanks for listening & also for voting on the poll about this.  (3rd poll)

Updated: 6Feb10:
I recently found another blog that speaks volumes about this topic, and honestly she wrote about it in such a way that almost made me want to rewrite this post.  I loved her straightforwardness about it.  Read it here:


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