My Journal - Week 27 (22Feb10)

The real McCoy, this time....

I now know why Hunter's cheeks were so red, (and continue to be).  Originally I had reservations that it was due to his vaccination only because he has had the same vaccinations twice before, and nothing happened.  I know I mentioned that it didn't make much sense for it to be from teething because he already had a tooth that appeared and then disappeared on two prior occasions.  However having said that, tonight Hunter was drooling excessively and trying to jam both hands into his mouth.  I took a look and a feel (in the old spot where the eye tooth/molar was peeking out) and I didn't see anything, so I felt the bottom front teeth area, and I felt a raised up hard bump under his gums on the left bottom tooth side.  I looked in and noticed a shiny almost see through area located on that part of his gums - I suppose because a tooth is coming in, the gum looks nearly transparent in just that tiny spot.  I got the flashlight, and did some further investigation.  WOW, there it is.  A bottom front tooth.  I took a picture of it, (it's kind of hard to see so when you are looking, if you want a better view, click on the picture itself and it should open up very large) and now I have proof.

I think the transparentness is actually the hole.  This would certainly explain his crankiness these past few days, I am sure his gums are sore.  I bought him a Nuby teething ring, and an Icy teether.  (The Nuby picture below has multiple sensations for sore gums, and the Icy ring is a standard teething ring that is currently chilling in the fridge.)

I wonder if this tooth is going to make a full appearance or if it's going to be magical and we will have a disappearing act like the first one?

If it pokes out any further, I will be right on top of things taking another picture to record the proof!  At least this time it's in the right spot or a more typical spot then the last one!

Oh, a technical note for you all, if when you load the blog any of the gadgets (like Poll #7) are missing, either refresh your browser or click on the missing gadget and it should re-load.  Sometimes I outsource items (gadgets) for my blog, and they may not load properly for some reason or another.  And yes, I changed the blog background, I had a few complaints that the post and sidebar area were too small.  I hope that you all like this selection.  Changing things takes a bit of time, and some tweaking takes a little HTML knowhow.  Enjoy!


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