My Journal - Week 36 (27Apr10)

The Confirmation....

We heard from the doctor today, the blood work is confirmed!  Not that we doubted it anyway!  But, I am definitely pregnant!

Thanks to everyone for the congratulations and well wishes!

On other fronts:

The MedHelp Managers have asked me to be the Community Leader for the General Down syndrome Forum.  I am already the Founder & Moderator of the Down syndrome subsidiary "Group" and while that is a subsidiary group, it already has 12 members. I hope that I am able to provide good and useful information to the members of the regular community.  It currently has approximately 140 members.
Anyone and everyone is welcome to join MedHelp and specifically the Ds forums.  I know that it is still in its infancy and we could certainly use new and experienced members to help out many new mom's dealing with Ds.
Here is the link to the Ds forum: 
and the link to the sub group:
and the link to MedHelp home page:

One of the nice aspects about MedHelp are the wonderful Trackers, Tickers and applications that the site has to offer, besides the forums.  I personally use the Ovulation Tracker (I guess I don't need this one anymore), Water consumption Tracker, Mood Tracker, Weight Tracker, Baby Tracker (Helps me log information about Hunter - especially good for the Bowel Movements that no one wanted to read about on here!), Pregnancy Tracker and the list really goes on and on.  There are applications and Trackers for just about everything.  The site is free and is very informative as well as helpful.  I know that I would not have gotten pregnant without the help of the ovulation tracker.  All I can say is that if it worked for me, it can work for anyone.  Take a peek if you have the time.  Nice just to make contacts also.


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