My Journal - Week 34 (16Apr10)

A new method of transportation???

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling away....

Today, as I am told - Grandma laid Hunter down on his play yard to do some tummy time.  Daddy while sitting near by (approximately 4 feet away) was on the computer.  Grandma left to go to out and Mommy was upstairs.  Normally, Hunter will play and make all kinds of noise, while on his play mat.  All of a sudden it got really quiet.  Daddy looked down and Hunter was gone!!  PANIC??  No, not to worry, across the room, by the doorway, there was Hunter lying on his side, giving Daddy a huge grin!  Now, Daddy suspects Hunter rolled his way, over and over until he reached the doorway.  But, no one knows!  Could he have crawled?  Probably not.  Hunter discovered a few days ago that he can continuously roll over and over to get somewhere, but he had not done too much of it.  I suppose he got the courage to roll, and roll and just keep going until something stopped him! 

Realization?  Put up the baby gate in the family room....  We originally put one of the baby gates up at the top of the stairs leading to the basement, and one at the bottom of the stairs to go up to the bedrooms, and another one at the top of the stairs up there.  Now, we have decided it would be better for all of us if we just put one more gate in the doorway of the family room. 

Now, why does all of this seem to happen when I am upstairs??  I am lucky though, I did see Hunter doing this before, but not the extent that happened today!  I wish I could get these moments on video recorder, and yes the cam corder is sitting on the table here in the family room for such events, but Hunter isn't about to wait for us to get it unplugged and started up!  He's got an agenda and is much too busy for us to stop him from what he has going on.  That's okay Hunter, you keep it up and you roll roll roll on!


  1. That is awesome! Hopefully next time you can catch him in the act too!


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