My Journal - Week 34 (14Apr10)

Update - YMCA Ontario Early Years Centre
"Precious Playtime"

How does that name sound?  It's a tentative name for the play group for children with special needs at the YMCA Ontario Early Years Centre that I am co-ordinating.  Today (14th April) we had our first setup meeting with the Manager of the YMCA, myself and Hunter's E.I. therapist Jenn.  It was absoultely wonderful.  We talked about the direction we would like the group to go, training for the staff, frequency of the meets, the type of activities we would like to do, and how long we want the group to run.  We have set up the target start date for October or Fall of this year.  It will take time to co-ordinate, and train everyone, as well as plan to get the word out so that we have an appropriate number of people attending.
I was very happy with the enthusiasm of the YMCA, and the overall feeling for getting this group up and running.  Honestly, I can't wait for it to begin, and I hope that ultimately we get the turnout that we are hoping for.  I really want to be there for other families, and be the support network for each other that I know we can be for one another.

As time gets closer, I will post all further updates on the group.  A lot of the details of the group will probably be ironed out when we actually meet, so that we can discuss direction and content with all the families and not make unilateral decisions that affect everyone without considering everyone.  Until then....


  1. Sounds like an excellent name for your group. I loved Hunter's pic's on his day out. Looks like he had loads of fun!


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