My Journal - Week 34 (11Apr10)

The first real word....

Okay - I know as I sit here to write this on the blog, that many of you will probably not believe me, and so with that in mind, I have "backup".  What am I talking about?  Hunter's first alternative word other than Momma and Dadda....

Yesterday evening, just after 9:00 pm, Hunter started his ritual of babble, babble and babble some more, then Mummm, Mumm, Mummm.  Now I know clearly this means, I am ready for my Milky Mommy... and so I asked Daddy to start getting it ready for him.  At the three minute mark, when the warmer starts to beep - I am at the point of saying to Hunter (like I have said so many times before) "Milk is coming" and or "Bottle is coming..." and as I said Milk to Hunter this time, I got an outright "MILK" out of his mouth.  At this point, since he is in my arms, I can hear it loudly.  But, it wasn't just me who heard it.  I said to John, "did you hear what I just heard???"  And John, despite being in disbelief, said he heard it... MILK.  Now every parent knows, proof is not having either two parents hear or see something... someone else must witness the sacred event... and thank goodness, Grandma was in earshot, and said she had heard it too (My backup!).  We all could not believe what we heard or just had witnessed.  But, having said that - I know from experience, this little boy is a mimicker.  From copying Daddy doing raspberries or popping his lips like I do at him, copying a word is not far off the mark in terms of understanding him doing it.

Hunter is nearly eight months old, this 15th (which will be this Thursday).  I am truly amazed at his copying skills, and his ability to surprise me when he does it.  Now, while I am happy and tickled pink that he has said his first word, couldn't it be something other than MILK?  Honestly I thought his first word would be "NO!" - as so many do say....  But we have tried to limit the amount of times we use the word "No" so that wouldn't be his first word.  I guess that was a success!

Yay Hunter!  Mommy & Daddy are so proud.


  1. I am so happy for you and even happier for Hunter! I am still waiting for Sweet Pea to say mama even if it isn't directed at me!

  2. Hunter is doing extremely well!! Buddy's first word was "car" and that was 36 tears ago.


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