My Journal - Week 35 (20Apr10)

Watch me play!

I took the liberty of recording Hunter doing some "Hunter-type" things the last few days!

(His latest achievements are sitting and playing with his learning centre and trying to sneak away (rolling) on the floor.)

Here is Hunter, now able to sit and play with his toys! He is still sneaky in that when you want him to sit up, unless he's distracted, he wants to fall over. If he is engrossed with play or something interesting, he sits without effort or help!  This time he figured out how to make the sounds play on his learning centre.

Hunter is ever so sneaky, if he knows you are video recording him, he wont do what you are hoping to catch him do!!  Here we are trying to get him on camera moving about using his latest method of travel, rolling!!
No such luck this time though, but cute none the less!


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