My Journal - Week 35 (21Apr10)

Early Intervention has wonderful results!

Today Hunter saw his E.I. therapists Jenn and Kay.   I want to share with you what happened today.  Absolutely NOTHING!!

Let me explain.  Last couple of weeks ago, on 8th April, Jenn saw that Hunter had lots of muscles and the ability to do the things she was looking for, but would not do them for her.  (Kneeling, sitting etc.)  At the end of that session, we determined that he probably needed Kay (our Osteopath) to see if there was something preventing him from doing the things we could see he knew how to do but wouldn't/couldn't.  And so onto today.  The tag team arrived promptly at 12 noon, and were ready to get to work with Hunter.  We had been working with Hunter diligently for the last two weeks on his independent sitting, standing and independent play.  We put Hunter up on the kitchen table, sat him down and there he sat showing off for Jenn and Kay.  He remained sitting there all by himself with the largest grin on his face.  Then we put him down on his tummy, and he pretty well got up onto his knees and rocked back and forth for them.
Jenn and Kay could not believe what they were seeing.  And as a result, there was absolutely nothing they could do, but watch in awe and speak many wonderful praises.  With that, Kay signed off an end to her treatment/sessions for Hunter.  He no longer needs any assistance from her.  It's truly bitter sweet.  We love everything that Kay has done for Hunter, but we are very happy that he has progressed to the point of not needing her for therapy any more.
Everything that Jenn was going to work on to help Hunter, he figured out by himself and accomplished it.  All within "typical" time frames.
Hunter continues to show us that he has no boundaries, and the little hiccups that happen along the way he sorts out for himself.  Amazing.  How could we not be proud??


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