My Journal - Week 32 (01Apr10)

Here we go again.... 
(Off topic today)

I am currently in that dark waiting period called the two week wait.  For those that have never had to worry about fertility, charting or planning, this time otherwise known as TWW (Two week wait) on every fertility forum out there is the time after possible conception where you have no choice but to wait and go literally crazy before you can test for pregnancy.  This is our 4th cycle trying (Or TTC - trying to conceive) and because the TWW seems so long, one can go insane.  Yesterday (the 31st of March) I had a blood test to see if there is any possibility that I am pregnant.  While the odds are low, due to the latest information of me possibly having blocked tubes, there is always a chance.  Now the funny thing is, today I am able to get the results.  And how bad is it that today is known as April fools????  So if it's negative, should I scream "April Fools" to myself??? 

Onto some good news, I learned yesterday that my mother in law quit smoking after 39 years of it.  She quit cold turkey on the 12th of March.  I am so happy for her and I will endeavour to keep her motivated to stay quit! 

And the last update regarding my book: 
My book "Charlie's Adventure" (when sold directly from me) will not have any tax.  It will be the listed prices only.  Those of you who already paid me the tax, will be getting your few dollars back from me!


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