My Journal - Week 33 (07Apr10)

Publication update....

I am posting this message so that people are aware of what is going on with my next two books ("I have Down syndrome, what does that mean?" and "Buddy the Little Bucket".  I have decided, after a long and arduous conversation with a few different people and alternative publishing companies that I will not be producing my next two books with Xlibris Publishing.  In order to provide better pricing for my books, I have decided to find a publisher who will allow me to set the price for my books, while providing me the highest quality book available.  I researched printing overseas and domestically.  In the end I decided to remain domestic, to keep the quality of the book.  Because I have pulled out the next two books, I am saddened to say it may take me a bit more time to get the next book out, but at least I will be able to offer the books at a much more reasonable price due to my being able to set my own pricing, and I have been assured that I will receive the service level that I had expected to receive from the last company but didn't. 

With respect to my first book, Charlie's Adventure; both the Hardcover and Softcover versions will still be available from the publisher and more importantly from me, but due to an error on Xlibris's part, the book will not be available in Hardcover through the major online retailers.  They will only produce the Softcover version.

My new publisher assures me that my next books will most definitely be available in both Hardcover and Softcover, and more importantly appropriately priced.

I will of course keep everyone updated with respect to the upcoming publications, and I am told that it will not be a difficult process to get these books into the major bookstores like Chapters - which I am looking forward to being able to do.

The next book:  "I have Down syndrome, what does that mean?" is a hardcover book written for children who are learning about having Down syndrome.  It is a simple, yet wonderfully emotional read, that encourages a child to understand that while they may have Down syndrome, they are capable.  The book contains one-liner positive sentences, has pictures on every page, and is meant to be a positive and descriptive book.  The book is meant for a child at the age of asking about Down syndrome, and also a memorable keepsake for years afterwards.  The book is also meant to be able to describe portions of Down syndrome to others who might not know anything about Down syndrome like other siblings, family members and or friends.

I am hopeful that many of my readers and followers might be interested in purchasing this book for themselves, their children or anyone they know that might benefit from reading this wonderful book.  If anyone is interested in pre-ordering the book (no payment necessary until post production), they are welcome to do so by sending me an email at, and I will add you to the list of people who want the book.


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