My Journal - Week 33 (05Apr10)

New site for reference....

I wanted to direct your attention to a wonderful Down syndrome reference site written by a doctor who has a 16 year old son (Avi) with Down syndrome.  It is a spectacular site packed full of everything you could ever wonder about (including Health & Medical information, Toilet training, Issues of sexuality in Ds, and of course Therapies).

The doctor, Dr. Leshin has also added my blog Welcome to Our House to his list of Blogs by parents and Siblings of children with Ds - under "Recommended Down syndrome sites on the Internet" in the section "Other Notable Sites" - near the bottom of the page:

I encourage you to use his site if you have any questions.  If there is something you can not find, he has an email address for questions. 

I have also added this site to my reference list of Internet sites for those interested in Down syndrome located  on the right side of my blog in the side bar in case anyone needs to find the site again sometime down the road.


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