My Journal - Week 34 (15Apr10)

Happy 8 months Hunter!

What a wonderful day we had today on Hunter's 8 month mark.  We spent the day with my girlfriend Nikki and her son Chase, for their regular play date.  We went for lunch, took a walk and then went to the swings.  I wasn't sure if Hunter would like the swings, but WOW - did he ever love them.

Here are a few pictures of us enjoying our day out in the beautiful sunshine.

[Look at us swing!  Chase & Hunter]

[Hey I love this thing... Wait, what's that over there?]

[Can we have one of these at home?]

[Are you kidding me!  I love this thing, did I say that yet?]

[Me and my Daddy!  We are such cool dudes!]

[I love my family, but you stopped pushing me! Do I look happy about that?]

We had a terrific time, and I love seeing Nikki and Chase, since Hunter and Chase are literally about 6 weeks apart.  They love seeing each other, and like their Mommies, have lots to say when they get together!  But, having said that - HUNTER was a monster trying to get him to nap after such a stimulating day!  He took 2 hours to unwind, and finally fell asleep at 8pm but woke up at 11:45pm.  I don't know how the rest of the night will go, but I am glad we don't have anywhere to be tomorrow!  Hopefully he is still tuckered out from a great day, and will still go to bed tonight.... Wishful thinking I think!  Whatever the case, it was definitely worth it!


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