My Journal - Week 35 (18Apr10)

I... want... to... keep... playing... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

Have you ever seen something so sweet and crazy?  I try and tell people how Hunter hardly naps because he never wants to miss a beat!  Here we caught him finally fast asleep, but still clutching his toys!

[I am playing while incognito - as a sleeping baby!]

[Do you see where my hands are?]

[Okay, so what if I'm wearing one as a bracelet!]

[Ah ha!  I moved my arm.  You took too many pictures!]

I know it's hard to believe, but that was exactly how we found him asleep on his play yard.  He does the strangest things when we aren't looking!  In fact, he makes it a point to stop doing sneaky things if we either start watching or attempting to record him.  Because of this, I am currently on "take number 4" in trying to get the rolling over to the door on video.  He'll do it if we don't look at him.  When we look, he stops and smiles like crazy at us!  What a HAM!!


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