My Journal - Week 32 (29Mar10)

A few cute new pictures to post....

I haven't posted any pictures for awhile, and so I thought I would put a few new ones of Hunter wearing his nice new (but overly large) baseball cap.  This new cap appropriately says "Treasure Hunter"!!  How cute is that?  Daddy and I saw it and knew immediately that we must purchase this for Hunter.  I think the play on the wording is really great.... Treasure, Hunter.  And boy do we ever "Treasure" him!  Wink wink.

Sorry about the quality of some of the pictures, for some reason a few came out kind of blurry.

[How do you like my new cap?]

[Gwad, I am awfully cute...]

[NO! You can't have my cap! (Look at his hands!)]

[Daddy, you've got me right?  I've got my toes though....]

[Now, I know this hat is just too big - for now....]

This last shot was taken specially for our friend "Uncle Bruce" (aka SideWazE) - who is infamous for wearing the backward cap look!  And it is very convenient that there is a pirate motif on the cap since Hunter went through his "Ahh Ahh Ahh" stage, a few months ago - sounding very much like a pirate!  Seriously though, when we bought the cap we thought it would fit, since it was bought in the baby store "Children's Place" and is size 12 months...  I guess we over sized it just a bit!

Publication update:  
I have added PayPal to my blog under my "Sandi's Publications" page for those interested in purchasing my book directly from the blog.  Copies can also be requested by emailing me at: .  
A quick note for those who have asked about the pricing - I did not set the pricing for the books.  Also, I had no say in it.  The pricing is set by the publisher using a standard for the industry (based on type of book and page count).  
Many thanks to everyone so far who have ordered my book, and to those of you who will - it means so very much. 


  1. Found your blog off Baby Center. Hunter is such a little cutie pie, I love that cap. Looking forward to reading more!


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