My Journal - Week 29 (08Mar10)

"C" is for cookie, that's good enough for me....

A remarkable moment caught on film.  Hunter feeding himself (for the first time) an Arrowroot baby cookie.  Aw, this is so sweet, I couldn't resist posting a few pictures of Hunter eating his cookie.

[Whatever this thing is, it tastes good!]

[I am the cookie monster... in disguise of course!]

Tooth update:  Although the point is sharp (still) we can now see that it will have a flat edge across the top as opposed to being just one sharp point.  Looking inside his mouth today, we can see more of the tooth and it looks like a typical tooth.  I am guessing when it cuts through the gums, one edge comes up first but then levels out and ends up flat like it is supposed to be.  Interesting!


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