My Journal - Week 30 (18Mar10)

Did anyone say crawling.... Anyone?

It figures...  yesterday while I was upstairs having a much needed sleep (recovering from a bad cold) Grandma and Daddy saw Hunter do something wonderful.  He crawled!  However, let me clarify - he crawled backward!  It's truly ironic, at cousin Taina's baby shower a few cousins and I were talking about Hunter crawling, and we specifically said he will probably go backward before he goes forward - and there you have it... he went backward.  Albeit he only went two steps, it was unassisted.  Look out world, here comes Hunter!  Too bad I missed it....  I am so happy he did it, but so sad that I missed seeing it happen for the first time.  Hopefully next time he does it, I will get it on the camcorder.

Another milestone to record in the baby book!  Yay Hunter!


  1. How exciting. This is just the beginning of lots of adventures as he learns to navigate his new world... even if it's backwards for now. :-) All my babies started off scooting backwards -- I guess it's so much easier.

  2. I just love your site. I wish I had done this years ago. My daughter lived 8 years and I am now blogging her life story. I sincerely hope you will visit my site also. Cherie was born in 1972 and things were so very arcaic compared to the availability of information now. I wish you all the succes as you begin the most exciting journey of your life. My life was changed forever and I would not change my years with Cherie for anything. Her memory lives on in the hearts of many people and this will happen to you as people get to know your very special child!!!


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