My Journal - Week 29 (11Mar10)

A toothy surprise!

I promised you all an update when Hunter's first tooth came in a little more, so you could see it.  I always have to wait until he is sleeping to take the picture or he tries to chomp my finger off.  (Fingers make great teething toys.)  In this picture, you can see that it is a straight top with a little sharp point on the right side of the tooth (your left looking at it).  That is why initially I thought Hunter's tooth was going to be pointy.  I guess that little point will even out as he starts to eat other things. 
[Mommy took this while I was sleeping...]

[I am so drooly these days... makes for the perfect raspberry though!]

I thought the second bottom tooth would come out at or near the same time, but it looks as though it will not be coming up just yet.  It certainly is under the gum though, I can feel it raised up.  That would be cute to see - two bottom teeth!  I will keep everyone posted on that.

Personal note:  Hunter continues to have BM's, both the 9th and 10th.  I think that going forward I will only post if he doesn't have one for a lengthy period of time, now that he seems to be "regular".  He has been going everyday for about a week now.  I guess that finally closes the chapter on the case of the slow bowels!


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