My Journal - Week 29 (09Mar10)

A new Down syndrome discussion group has arrived!

I was recently (and personally) asked by a website called MedHelp to create a discussion group for Down syndrome.  I thought about it and decided that it would be a great idea, and a wonderful place for people to gather, ask questions and share stories or whatever they wanted.

I personally am a member of MedHelp, and I found their site while researching other health topics.  They have a wonderful Medical resource area, and loads of tools for all kinds of things like tracking weight, trying to conceive, moods, water consumption and the list goes on.

To get to the forum use this link:
The group is called:  MedHelp - Down syndrome  (not to be confused with the generic Down syndrome Community - which also exists on their site)

The group details are as follows:

This group is for anyone and everyone who is interested in Down syndrome. Perhaps you have a child with Down syndrome, or family member. We all have questions and sometimes the best resources are each other. Hopefully this group can help if you are struggling with a diagnosis either prenatally or after birth. This group was created with the hopes of educating and helping those who want to know about Down syndrome. If however, you are struggling with a decision regarding termination, please know that the people who are here, are here because they have either chosen or accepted Down syndrome in their lives. Whatever your questions, stories or concerns hopefully we can help.

This link to the forum will be available on my list of Websites for those interested in Down Syndrome (found down the right hand column of my blog.

I hope that if you enjoy my blog, you will enjoy the forum I created.  I hope that it grows and is a resource for anyone out there who needs it.  Welcome new users!


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