My Journal - Week 28 (03Mar10)

We have success!

I am happy to update that the ready made Similac formula was a hit.  I guess Hunter just doesn't like the powdered stuff, and as I said before, I don't blame him.  It tastes horrible and has a terrible after taste.  The ready made one does not.

This will certainly be easier, no mixing.  But the price of ease is not cheap.  I know that the ready made formula are more expensive.  I wish I had access to purchase the cases from the hospital.  They are perfect four ounce bottles. I called the hospital and they tell me the cases are not for sale, but that I can call Similac to see if they can provide it.  I ended up calling Toronto Sick Kids specialty food shop and they tell me they sell a ready made Similac formula in the can.  So, it does exists - and I am told it is $3.99 per can.  Ouch.  Oh well, if it works, it works.  This is the price we pay for success.

Here are two pictures of our success with the formula.

[It's yummy Mommy!]

[I want to hold the bottle myself!]

I hope that this works out, and we are able to get him on bottles during the day.  Thanks to those who made the suggestions - obviously it worked!


  1. Hi Sandi

    Avoid giving Hunter formulae. Breast milk is best. I breastfed Joachim for 1 year and 3 months when I had no choice to wean him because i was pregnant with michaela. I breast fed Michaela for 9 months cause she stopped and did not want it any more. Those who are for breast feeding will tell you that the more you breast feed is better for the child. The milk produced by a mother's breast changes to suit the nutritional needs of the child and remember it is free and easily available. You the mother has to ensure that you are eating a healthy diet and drinking lots of fluids. The more you breatfeed the more you will produce. In fact I was a working mom and at work I was fortunate to have the privacy to express my breast milk and refrigerate and i always had a good supply. If memory serves me once a child turn one year old he can start normal milk that is the 3%. Formulas are there for those who don't want to breast feed or have this excuse that they are not producing enough milk. you are a stay at home mom so I encourage you to continue to breastfeed and check out if there is a breastfeeding group in your area for advice and guidance especially if you feel that hunter's teeth may hurt your nipples. If you get into the habit of expressing milk it comes naturally and the more you express you also get more and you can continue to nurse at night time. So please save your self the money and keep on breastfeeding. Call me Luella


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