My Journal - Week 29 (06Mar10)

Transitions are meant to be smooth...

Some times transitions are difficult, and I believe many times we make things more difficult than they need to be.  I ended up getting a lot of great advice from plenty of sources about getting Hunter used to formula.  Today, Hunter drank four ounces of ready made Similac on two separate occasions.  And he also breast fed in between.  What makes me laugh is that I read on so many occasions that formula will probably constipate him because of the additional iron added, but since starting him on the Similac, he has had two big bowel movements (yesterday and also today).  I presume it is because I fed him the organic prunes.  So, hopefully the formula wont add to his already slow bowels, and maybe for the first time in his life (except at birth) he will go regularly! 

So, again - thank you to everyone who gave me great advice on how to transition Hunter.  (Especially Lesley, Jane & my friends at Baby Centre - Down syndrome group.)  Your on going knowledge is invaluable to me.


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