My Journal - Week 29 (12Mar10)

Bottles, bottles for everyone!

I am happy to say, Hunter is doing very well with this breast to bottle transition.  He is now taking more than two ounces at a time.  He is taking four to five ounces at one feeding.  The only thing that we have discovered is that he has kind of reverted back the the "newborn impatience" when waiting for a bottle to be warmed.  When he was a newborn and hungry, he would cry so hard probably thinking his milk was never coming.  After a few months, he learned that a little noise would suffice.  Tonight, out of the blue, Hunter decided to shout out that he wanted milk.  Within two minutes, he was practically screaming with tears and all.  I think because it takes a few more minutes to warm up a bottle as opposed to just giving baby a boob, he thinks no one is listening, and that it isn't coming.  I am guessing when he realizes that this isn't the case, he will settle back down.  In the meantime, it's heartbreaking watching him cry wanting his milk so badly.  All I can do is yell back "Milky is coming!" hoping like a crazy woman that he will understand and that will pacify him.... Yeah, um nope - doesn't really work.  In fact, all it does is add to the noise level.  Hunter screaming, and me adding to it.  What can you do??!

Hunter's BM update:  Yes, they are still regular.  Everyday.


  1. No more BM updates necessary P-l-e-a-s-e. I am having my breakfast!!

    BTW can you time Hunter's feeding times so that his bottle is ready around the time he gets hungry so he doesn't get as impatient? (just a thought)


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