My Journal - Week 28 (02Mar10)

The poop diaries....

Today we dealt with yet another painful episode, but we weren't sure what was causing it.  Thank goodness these painful experiences are few and far between.  It could have been teething, or the rotovirus vaccination today, or perhaps his tummy.  When we went up to bathe Hunter, we discovered why he was so upset about 20 minutes earlier.  He had a poopy.... His tummy was hurting.

I know that he is feeling much better now.  My newest problem is I am trying unsuccessfully to get Hunter to try some formula.  I have learned that the powdered stuff tastes like crap.... honestly.  And if I don't like it, how could I possibly expect Hunter to like it???  I am moving to the pre-mixed formula which Hunter had liked when he was being supplemented as a jaundiced newborn .  Who knows if he will still like it much less remember that he liked it!  I have some left over bottles from the hospital that have yet to expire.  I am going to try giving him some - maybe tomorrow.  Today had enough shock value for one day.  Has anyone else had this problem - going from breast to some formula and not having much luck with it??  If so, what did you do to get baby to drink it?  Feel free to leave comments in the comment section below this post, and above reactions.  I definitely could use any suggestions!


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