My Journal - Week 28 (04Mar10)

He's cute, he's funny, he's a star!

Tonight, we found out Hunter loves to laugh for no good reason.  Well, perhaps I am a funny reason - I am not sure, but Hunter seems to think so!  I uploaded two videos which are of Hunter - one laughing his head off, and one with him playing with his bucket of blocks.

And here are some still pictures of Hunter playing with his blocks.  Thanks to our E.I. consultant Jenn, we bought a Nuby stool for Hunter, to help him sit up by himself.  It worked so well to encourage him, and he can play with his toys:

[Look at me go!]
[I can bang my blocks!]
[I can do it all!  I like this green block so much!] 

I thought I would also add this picture of Hunter showing me he wanted to hold his sippy cup of water by himself.  Silly me!
[I got it mom... I'm good.]

I love that Hunter wants to show me everything he can do.  It tends to be a surprise sometimes, but I encourage him to do everything and anything.


  1. We haven't seen Hunter for a while...he is really progressing eh?


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