My Journal - Week 29 (08Mar10) Afternoon

Raspberries are Hunter's favourite - what about you?

What would you do if you had a raspberry blowing baby?  Hunter has discovered how to blow raspberries, and it has become a nonstop Olympic event.  I kid you not.  I wish that our video gave justice to exactly how much and how often he is doing it, but I guess when we recorded it he was camera shy?  Hunter is doing it so much that he is giving my laptop a bath, and I am constantly getting spittle facials.  Yucky!

I love that we are catching these firsts on video.  It is such a cute thing, and it's only the beginning!  (It's a short 2min38 sec video.) 

I hope you are enjoying these recordings as much as we are, it is definitely a lot of fun.  Too bad we can't put the video's inside of my book!


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