My Journal - Week 30 (14Mar10)

It's her party and I will cry if I want to...  (But I didn't!)

Yesterday was my cousins wife (Taina's) baby shower, and Hunter (again the only man at the party) was a good boy.  Hunter has gotten over his "I will be strange with you if I don't know you...." phase.  He was happy, smiling and good to go to anyone.  He blew raspberries, he gave high fives.  He even fell asleep in one Aunty's arms and drank milk for another Aunty.  I think Hunter is living up to his personality of being quite the ham.  Funny, I didn't even get to hold my son for the entire afternoon!

So, since I am so snap happy, here are some of the highlights of Hunter's day.

[You want five?  I'll give you five!]

[So, you want me to stand up eh?  I can do it with your help!]

[Look at us!  We are 2 months apart!]

[Why do Mommy's always make us kiss?  Yuck.]

[Thank you Aunty for giving me some milky... I was hungry.]

And I forgot to post this a few days back - Last Thursday one of my girlfriends and I had a baby play date.  We even took our tots for a walk since it was so nice out.  Our sons are just about six weeks apart - but is there ever a big (and I mean big!!!) difference between them!  But we have no doubt they will be the best of buddies.

[We are so cool looking!]

[Getting ready for our walk...]

[Hi Mommy!  Look at me, I want to crawl!]

I've been accused of being overly photo happy, but if I don't take these now, I will have missed the opportunity.  These things only happen once, and Hunter is only little once!  So, sorry folks I will endeavour to snap on!


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