My Journal - Week 28 (05Mar10)

The poop strikes back and revenge of the poop....  
(The sequel to the Poop Diaries)

Are you kidding me?  I thought this wouldn't happen again, but I was wrong.  Expect the unexpected.  I guess we learn these things as we raise babies.  I am also guessing that my regimen of Prunes and Oats plus sugared water is truly working.  Not just moments ago, Hunter decided that it was time.  Time to do the poop up the back trick... and lie there laughing about it, covered in poop.  Like a  funny scene out of a comedy, here goes Daddy and I like two crazed parents trying to clean Hunter before something ends up covered in the poop.  Anyway, I had to put it in the journal but I wonder how many ways I can do this without making people bored and sick of this topic.  And what's funnier, (as my mother in law said to me) in the end poor Hunter is having his vital moments plastered all over the Internet for his eternal embarrassment when he is older.  What a great Mommy!  All I have to say is good thing I don't have any pictures of that one.

On the publishing front:

I am pleased to announce, my book: Charlie's Adventure  - release date for sale will be 27 March 2010.  On this date, the paperback version will be available to order online for immediate delivery.  The hardback book will be available to order also, but will not be delivered for about two weeks simply because production of hardback books takes a little longer.  The list of online websites for the books are forth coming.

I have signed my contract to publish the next two books - I have Down syndrome, what does that mean?, and Buddy the Little Bucket, and as soon as I have release dates for those, I will put out a post and update my "Sandi's Publications" page.

Hope you all will be ordering my book!  While it was work, it was certainly a lot of fun to write and publish.




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