My Journal - Week 49 (29Jul10)

"No Intervention Needed"....?

Yesterday, was a day where I heard something I didn't think I might hear so soon.  Hunter had his appointment with superhero #2, aka Kay (his Osteopath Therapist).  Last time he saw Jenn (Hunter's regular Early Intervention Therapist - aka Superhero #1) she had told us that Hunter's progress was "Typical" and that she didn't even use Down syndrome charts to chart Hunter's progress.  We were so very happy to hear that, and while it would not have made a difference to us, it would have only encouraged us to work harder to help Hunter with whatever he might have needed.  The last time Jenn came (over a month ago), her only concern was that Hunter was seemingly trying to move his legs as one unit, instead of realizing that his hips moved independently.  Well, from that visit, she recommended that Kay revisit Hunter and just take a look to see if there was something physical that was making Hunter not use his hips independently.  Well, as time went on from Jenn's visit, to yesterday - so much has happened with Hunter, independent sitting, unassisted standing, taking assisted steps, that I emailed Jenn and asked her if we should have Kay come.  And we concluded that maybe we would have her come and watch Hunter and make her own assessment.

After Hunter put on yet another wonderful performance for Kay, creeping, in and out of sitting - even demonstrating for the first time ever, getting into sitting from his left side, squat to stand with hands held; Kay was very happy.  She said Hunter was doing awesome for his age of 11 months.  She looked at Hunter, told him that she loved these kinds of visits (where she didn't have to do a thing - the kind of visits I love too!) and wrote in the "Ongoing Goals" column of his paper work, "No intervention needed".

I can not stress the value of daily encouragement, the value of love and care, the value of believing in your child.  If you don't provide limits, your children will surprise you and surpass ones that you didn't even know existed.  I am truly amazed, even if I already knew that Hunter was doing these things for a while now, I am amazed that it's amazing to others.  It makes me feel terrific that Hunter is a perfect boy that some people might not have assumed he might or could have been, and it's important for me to say - he isn't perfect because he does things that are "typical", he''s perfect because he's Hunter.  I often say to people - it's not about what he can or can't do, it wont be about the future and what he might be or might not be capable of doing, it's about taking our steps together, and all about our learning along the way.

I now know to always say, "I wonder what tomorrow might bring?"

It's been a couple of days now since I have received my template from the company who I bought my website background from, and I have been diligently working like a slave creating and preparing my new Website.  I hope that when I publish the site, that it will surpass expectations, but I know that doing that will always be a work in progress.  I might even publish it and continue to work on it, to enhance it.  So, if for now, it looks a bit unfinished when I do publish it, I apologize - but I do want to get it up and running for everyone to use/visit.
Again, for those who aren't familiar with the web address it is:  or
See you there soon!


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