My Journal - Week 49 (24Jul10)

Playtime is learning time....

Today, I happened to catch Hunter trying something by himself.  I wrote a little while back that Hunter did something that scared me out of my skin.  He stood up in his crib, by himself and almost toppled out.  While I had no idea that Hunter could pull himself to a standing position without my help, he is certainly proving it over and over these days.  I managed to record him making an attempt using his new foam chair!  Not really the best item to use for a try, but I was surprised none the less.  After I recorded him trying to stand, he decided that he would try without any furniture, and tried to stand by placing his hands on the floor and bend over with his butt up in the air, and his legs stiffened straight with only his feet on the ground.  He looked like a human triangle.  I had guessed at one time that the "butt up" crawl sans knees would be the way he would figure out how to crawl, since that is just how his daddy used to crawl as a baby.  But, I guess Hunter is just quite happy to inch worm - commando crawl around.  He moves at lightening speed around the room, despite having to pull his entire body forward using his arm strength!

The video here is what I caught of his attempt to stand up unassisted.  (Short 1 minute video).

And some new pictures of Hunter with his learning centre now with the legs attached.  Interestingly enough, while the legs are on, Hunter can actually reach the different items on the table, but I thought he might be a bit more comfy in the new foam chair that I bought him!

[I wonder what is inside here?  I know there is something in here....]
[Peak a boo?  That's what it says?  I am going to look again....]

Just some exciting news for everyone...
I have finally purchased the name for my NEW Website....  I will be completing the webpage this coming Monday, when I will recieve the background template that I ordered.  I will be designing the site by my self, and I hope to have it up and running by the end of the week.  The website will not be working until I publish it, but the site address is: or
I purchased both domains .com and .ca  for my site.  Either one will work.  This blog will actually be linked to that website, so you can access it from either location.  I hope that when it is ready you will come and visit there!  I will be posting when it is actually up and running!


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