My Journal - Week 48 (19Jul10)

Eureka!  We now have leak prevention!

After the many months of trying to figure out what to do in terms of Hunter's nightly leakage problems... I have found the answer.  I am hopeful that this will work, and I am going to try it out tonight.  I found (after searching high and low) that no stores have the traditional plastic pants that go over diapers.  And if you ask places where you would think that would have them, they look at you kind of funny and say, "what are those?"  I guess the people I asked were not children of the seventies....  Oh lord, I am dating myself again.  Anyway, there are diaper pants, they just don't call them that anylonger.  The new thing (and these are popular) are diaper wraps, that are traditionally used for cloth diapers, which are the new rave in this ecological crunch to save our planet.  These diaper wraps are not made of plastic (too hot for baby) these are nylon waterproof polyurethane wraps that are supposed to contain leakage.  I am very happy and hopeful.  I will of course be posting the outcome.  I am also posting a picture of these wraps with a link to Babies R Us so that no one will have to struggle to find these like I did.  And honestly, I am sick and tired of washing sheets every day because of leaks....

Click on Diaper Wrap image to see wraps.

They do have a ton of neat colours and designs, so if plain white is not your idea of cute, then you can have helicopters and aeroplanes!

And just for fun, I caught Hunter sitting under his Jumperoo, playing.  When I looked over at him, from my angle it looked like he was wearing his Jumperoo as a hat!  I just had to take the picture (as you know, any reason to snap snap snap...) and post it for you to enjoy!

[Do you like my new hat?  It's kind of big for me but I still like it!]

PS - 27 days to go before Hunter's first Birthday!!!


  1. Hi! I found your blog from the BC post - love it! Hunter is darling, with or without the hat!! What does the message mean that your blog design will disappear July 23rd...surely not the whole blog?


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