My Journal - Week 46 (07Jul10)

Ready, set, print!!! - UPDATED (18 August 2010)

I wanted to show everyone a sneak peek preview of my book, "I Have Down syndrome, What Does That Mean?"  I have just approved the final layout of the cover today with the publishing company.  I am so very excited and can't wait for the book to complete it's final stage - the printing stage.

I hope that you all will be interested in pre-ordering a copy of my book, if not for your own children, for other children who you feel may benefit from reading this enlightening and educational book.  All orders placed before the official release of this book (August 31st, 2010) will receive a special promotional price of $22.00 CAD per book.  As of the 1st of September 2010 the regular price will be $25.00 CAD each.

To place a "Pre" order you can either contact me directly through email (suggested if requesting more than one copy) at: - Please provide your Name, Address,Quantity of books required, Contact phone number and Email Address so a PayPal request can be sent to you.  Or use the PayPal button below to order and pay all in one step.  (A safe and secure way to purchase my book.)

Click on any of the three images below to order:

(first book cover image is for "Email" orders)

(Second book cover image is for "Publisher" orders)
Not yet available (will be ready after release date).



(Click on the PayPal button below)

Please note, the purchaser is responsible for the shipping fee(s).  Available methods of shipping are Canada Post and or UPS.
These options for ordering will be available on my Sandi's publications page located under my Welcome to Our House banner at the top of the blog.

All updates with respect to the final release date will be posted as soon as I have a confirmed date.


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