My Journal - Week 48 (21Jul10)

"WELCOME TO OUR HOUSE" BLOG Under Construction....

Hello everyone, I just noticed (and was also told by a dedicated reader) that my blog "background" will be disappearing on Friday July 23rd.  This will NOT affect the content of the blog, just the background.  In order to keep up my blogs appearance, I will be trying to find a new and exciting background for the blog.  I had loved this one, and it was a lot of hard work to make everything look good with it.  So, please bear with me while I try new ones and see how they work with my posts.  If you should be logging in and see something weird or crazy, it will only hopefully be temporary, while I change it around.

I am sorry to see my brown background go, but hopefully I will find something just as pleasing to the eye, if not more so!

Once I find something good, I hope that you will all let me know what you think!

My original blog background
Here is a picture of the blog for memory sake! 

Sandi, John & Hunter


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