My Journal - Week 47 (15Jul10)

The count down begins....

Today Hunter is exactly 11 months old.  You know, I always say it - time just literally flies by.  I don't even know where the time has gone, but I do know the results of the time are apparent.  Growing, talking, sitting, crawling, transitioning, standing and the list goes on.

This week Hunter is sporting another haircut, and these days the clippers are not his favourite friend.  The sound literally sparks his water works.  I now realize it is the sound he doesn't like, he loves getting his hair cut, just not with sheers.  I noticed the last time I got a new tattoo (for our little angel Taylor) and I totted Hunter along with me, he sat happily in his stroller until my friend Paige started tattooing.  The tears started and I wasn't sure why.  It then dawned on me that the sound of the tattooing is nearly exactly the same as the hair clippers.  He went from happy clapping Hunter to bawling baby Hunter.  Now, I know some of you must be thinking, what in the world was I doing at a tattoo place with my son.  The place I go to for my tattoos is a friendly clean and not your typical "tattooing shop".  As a police officer, (of which my tattooing friends know) I am obsessed with making sure things are on the up and up before I subject myself to their services.  I have known the crew there for years, and so has Daddy.  They all know Hunter, and have seen him on a drop in visit when he was just eight weeks old.  He loves the girls & guys there, and always offers them a wave and a giant smile.  Anyway, knowing that hair clippers cause this much frustration, I had avioded using them for a while, but with this hot and humid weather, along with the fact that Hunter's hair is the same as Daddy's (grows like a weed), I opted to do a number two buzz.  I braced myself for the crying, which when doing his hair is often louder than the noisy clippers, and did my best to do a fast buzzing job.  I managed to do (what I think was) the fastest hair buzz on record.  I did litterally five swipes over his head, and was done in under two minutes.  Some stray hairs were long, which sissors fixed up easily.  Now I have a semi-bald looking baby, but I know it wont last long at all.  I am not sure what caused Hunter to go from tolerant of hair clippers to full out crazy crying.  I guess it is just one of those things!  Hopefully he will grow out of the fear, and I think if I show him Daddy getting it done more often, he might be less frightened by the sound.  The thing is, I give Daddy number two buzzes nearly every three weeks, so I am not sure how much demonstrating I need to do to achieve that!

More importantly and finally, Mommy got the transition sitting on video!  Hunter had been transitioning into sitting from a crawling or tummy position for about a week now, but getting it on video was another story!
And it was perfect timing, since today the 15th, Hunter is 11 months old!  Getting the transition sitting on video took a bit of coaxing, (I demonstrated it for Hunter twice first) and voilà, he did it right after.  I was so happy for Hunter doing it on video, it was like I needed to have a celebration party!
This morning he was clapping happily while jumping in his Jumperoo, so I thought I would get him to clap for the video also, but it appears he thinks sitting for the video is enough for one shot, and quite honestly he's right.   The video here is 4 min 52 sec long.  Worth the five minutes to watch!

 Now, I am wondering when the walking will come....!


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