My Journal - Week 48 (17Jul10)

The promised pictures from last nights daring escape attempt....

Here are the pictures of Hunter sitting and standing in the crib.  Keep in mind, in these shots, the crib had been lowered.  So if it doesn't look scary now, imagine it about a foot higher, and the top of the rail bar literally at his waist!

[I don't like being in here, it's kind of boring...]

[Ah ha... look what I found in here!]

 [Daddy gave me this bear, it's my first bear ever!]

[Mama!! MAMA!! ... Ya that's what I said!]

[If you tell me how to get out of here I'll stop pinching your nose....]

[Well, if I can't get out, might as well exercise!]

[Oh yea.  This is the way out, but I look guilty don't I?]

[Hummm, now that I'm standing, how do I get out?]

[No really, look Ma, no hands!]

[I bet if I look cute enough, you will come get me out!]

[I think I will just stand here looking good, I know my sentence is almost up!]

[Quick, better not turn your back, I have planned my escape!]

So, that is it in a nut shell for the crib shots.  I had never really taken any of him in there, so I figured a few would go a long way to figuring how much he has grown when he stands up inside there.  This is now how he looks when he stands.  It's so much different from last night, and is a million times safer lowered the way it is now.  The only problem now, is for me to figure out how not to hurt my back putting him down, and picking him up!  Well, mind you, at least when I pick him up and out, he can help now by standing!



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