My Journal - Week 46 (05Jul10)

Fun is so contagious, but mastering skills are even better!

I wanted to post a few new pictures of Hunter, (as I always do) but more importantly Hunter was caught on camera finally able to hold his "roll-alongs" ball in one hand!  Quite a feat for extra tiny hands with extra tiny fingers!  Parents of children with Down syndrome know all too well that having the characteristic of smaller hands and fingers certainly makes holding onto objects that other children might be able to do sooner, a bit tough.  And so when holding something like the size of this ball is achieved, it's another (albeit tiny) milestone.  Yay!

 [What's this?  Oh, my ball!  Does this mean we are going to play?]

[Look at me!  I am not only holding it, but it's in one hand!]

[I can do it with two hands also!  Do you want to play ball with me?]

[This ball makes me so very happy and I love playing!]

Please excuse the cropped out chopped off heads.  Honestly, I do take normal photo's but as silly and sad as this sounds, I have purposely not included the faces of my step kids in Hunter's photos.  It certainly wasn't my choice to exclude them, but I do have to respect the wishes of their mother as I do not have her permission.

Anyway, at this moment we will celebrate the great accomplishment of Hunter's small hands!  While it may be a "small" thing, it is the finer motor skills that are being practised and mastered here!  Of course, always more to come!


  1. I almost cried when I read this. I am so proud of Hunter. Our Jack is 1 year old and has the HARDEST time picking up things! We work so hard on grasping and retaining grasp and the poor little guy loses it almost instantly. Finger feeding has proven to be quite the struggle as he can't grasp his food. All in due time. Thanks for sharing your triumph! SO PROUD! And it gives me hope that our Jack will get there!!


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